Seasonal Events

There are many seasonal events to enjoy within the Chugei Region and Kochi Prefecture.
Why not plan your trip around these seasonal events? Refer to the information below to plan your visit to the Chugei Region.

  • Tosa no Machiya Hinamatsuri (Girl's Day)

    Held in seven cities, towns and villages in eastern Kochi in Spring. Beautiful hina dolls line the charming town streets, each venue with a display of wooden dolls, hanging dolls and more. Enjoy other activities such as mochi making, public readings and photo galleries.

  • Furafu Flags

    The coastal villages of eastern Kochi have a tradition of displaying carp streamers and "furafu" flags to celebrate Children's Day. The furafu flags, which are put up as a symbol that boys will grow to be strong and healthy, are displayed with carp streamers, creating a dynamic and powerful display.

  • Cherry Blossom Viewing Spot
    Yanase Maruyama Park (Umaji Village)

    This park is a popular place to view cherry blossoms. It also has a relaxation center with a hot spring and a restaurant, Yanase Sugi no Ie.
    The forest railway runs through this park, which draws crowds during the cherry blossom season.

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  • Cherry Blossom Viewing Spot
    Ayunose Park (Nahari Town)

    About 100 Somei Yoshino cherry blossom trees line the Nahari River, and many families and visitors gather to see the flowers in bloom. A cool, fresh breeze flows through the riverside during the blooming season. In the evening, the atmosphere changes as paper lanterns are lit up.

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  • Cherry Blossom Viewing Spot
    Kochi Prefectural Muroto Koiki Park

    The Muroto 2,000 Trees Festival held at the Kochi Prefectural Muroto Koiki Park (Marin baseball field side) is known for being the earliest cherry blossom festival of the season.

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  • Cherry Blossom Viewing Spot
    Sakuragaoka Park (Geisei Village)

    Approximately 2,000 cherry trees, in varieties such as the Kanhi, Somei Yoshino, and Oshima, are planted at this park which offers a long cherry blosson viewing season.

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  • Azalea and Cherry Blossom Viewing Spot
    Uchiharano Park (Aki City)

    Every April, nearly 15,000 azaleas bloom at Uchiharano Park, creating a brilliant whirl of colors. This park has plum trees, cherry trees, azaleas, wisteria and irises, and from early spring to early summer, there is always something in bloom. From late March to early May, the Tourist Association hosts the Azalea Festival, which attracts many visitors during the weekends.

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  • Kochi Yosakoi Festival

    The Yosakoi Festival is a four-day event that takes place in Kochi City with the opening day on August 9, two main days on the 10th and 11th, and the final day on the 12th. A massive crowd fills the city for the fireworks show on the opening day. This is the biggest event of summer and many teams from all around Japan come to dance in the festival.


  • Yasuda Yume Festival

    This festival takes place every August in Yasuda Town.
    It features stage shows enjoyable for both children and the elderly, splendid raffle prizes and delicious local food.


  • Nahari Town Minato Festival

    This traditional summer event of Nahari Town is held every year in August. With a festival to pray for fishing safety and prosperity, a boat parade, and a grande finale of impressive fireworks launched nearby, the entire town fills with energy.


  • Kochi City Noryo Fireworks Show

    This fireworks show is held every year on August 9, the opening night of the Yosakoi Festival. From three locations along the riverbed, a total of approximately 4,000 fireworks including star mine fireworks and letter fireworks are launched. It adds a new level of excitement to the Yosakoi dances.
    Location: Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture, Midori no Hiroba

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  • Furusato Muroto Festival

    This is the major event of Muroto. Many viewers gather to see the magnificent fireworks light up the night sky.
    Location: Muroto City, Kochi Prefecture, Muroto Misaki New Fishing Port (Umi no Eki Toromu)

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  • Aki City Noryo Festival Fireworks Show

    The Noryo Festival is a two-day long festival featuring a Yosakoi dance parade through the city. As the festival reaches its peak, fireworks are launched from the beach, illuminating the beautiful night sky of Tosa. Location: Seiwa-cho, Aki City, Kochi Prefecture, In front of Aki High School

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  • Shirahama Noryo Festival / None Community Noryo Festival

    These two festivals are the major summer events of Toyo Town in the far east of Kochi Prefecture. The festival fills with excitement with games, singing, naruko clapper dances and more. It is finished off with a beautiful fireworks show.

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  • Konan City Minakoi Minato Festival

    3,500 fireworks including skyrockets color the night sky with their perfectly timed launches. Yosakoi dancers perform on stage to amp up the excitement.
    Location: Konan City, Kochi Prefecture, Yoshikawa Fishing Port Embankment

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  • Gokkun-Mountain Summer Festival

    This festival began with the creation of the Mountain Day holiday on August 11. It features mountain activities such as woodworking classes and hand fishing in a river pool.

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  • Nahari Marine Sports Experience

    See 70 species of coral and tropical fish that make their homes along the breakwaters off the coast of Nahari Town in summer. Experience sea kayaking and snorkeling.
    TEL.0887-38-5127 (Nahari Kaihin Center)

  • Fun in the Yasuda River

    The pristine, damless Yasuda River is a treasure trove of sweetfish and amago. There are campsites and parks along the river and many safe areas where children can splash around during the summer months. Enjoy the river and its natural scenery.

  • Downtown Ghost Street

    In Tano, the smallest town in all of Shikoku, the main shopping street fills with ghosts on one special day. The town residents dress up as ghosts, set up food stalls and scare visitors in this traditional Autumn event made entirely by the residents. Enjoy the charming town with your new ghost friends.

  • The Mountain Guru Competition

    The mountain sporting event of Umaji-mura!
    In this exciting event, challengers compete in log cutting, tree climbing and more.

  • Yuzu Hajimaru Festival

    Pray for a safe harvest season and enjoy the first juicing.
    Enjoy a yuzu-filled day with freshly squeezed yuzu vinegar, yuzu cuisine, all-you-can-drink Gokkun (Umaji's famous yuzu juice) and free entry into the yuzu bath at Umaji Hot Spring and Yanase no Yu Hot Spring.

  • Shintaro and Yuzu Local Festival

    This annual local festival takes place in Kitagawa Village in October.
    It celebrates the yuzu harvest and honors Nakaoka Shintaro, a native of Kitagawa and an early supporter of yuzu cultivation.

  • Jin-sai (Festival for the Gods)

    Jin-sai is a word local to Tosa, which refers to the festivals held throughout Kochi Prefecture to celebrate the local deities. These festivals held at shrines such as Hachimangu feature lion dances, mikoshi (divine palanquin), and children's dances.
    They are held at various shrines in Kochi Prefecture during October to November.

  • Nakayama Yam Festival

    This event is held every year in December during the wild yam harvesting season in the Nakayama District of Yasuda Town.
    It features cuisine made with local ingreditens such as sweetfish rice, yuzu vinegar sushi, and wild yam soup. Wild yams are also sold at this festival.

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  • The Aki-Muroto Pacific Ride

    This is a cycling event that runs through the eastern part of Kochi Prefecture. Enjoy the natural scenery as you ride, and at the resting points, enjoy traditional cuisine made with local ingredients. It is not a competitive race, so participants can go at their own pace and enjoy the nature and food. This event is held around December.

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  • Oka Light Up Festival in Shikoku's Smallest Town, Tano

    In this special event, the Oka-Goten Palace, a prefecturally designated cultural property, is lit up with candles and lanterns, transforming into a magical wonderland.

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  • Hoshi Shrine Archery Festival

    Boasting a history of over one thousand years, the Hoshi Shrine Archery Festival held in Kotsumo, Kitagawa Village, takes place on January 8th of every odd-numbered year. In this heroic event,1008 arrows are shot by 12 young locals to pray for prosperous crops and to ward off evil spirits.

    Kochi Prefecture Protected Intangible Folk Cultural Property

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  • Monet's Garden Candle Night

    Candles and glowing water lilies beautifully light up the garden pond.
    This popular themed event is held every autumn and features music, hands-on activities, food and drinks.
    Enjoy the magical night-time atmosphere of Monet's Garden.